The clever round trolley reimagined and recreated in a recycled version.

The desire is still to make transporting and storing wheels easy, ergonomic and logical.

But with the Wheel Trolley Recycled you can now do it in a more sustainable way.

The top of the Wheel Trolley Recycled is made of 100% recycled excess material from the car industry and recycled parts from damaged cars.

The Wheel Trolley Recycled is designed for either 8 tires or 4 complete wheels and has a load capacity of 120 kg/265 lbs. When it comes to its indispensable features in the workshop, we should mention:

  • Storage of wheels during mechanical work
  • Transport of wheels from auto lift to tire changers or to tire shelves
  • Storage of customer wheels when changing from summer to winter tires or vice versa

For the employees at the workshop the Wheel Trolley Recycled promotes safety and decreases injuries. At the same time it increases the technician productivity and the shop efficiency. 

The Wheel Trolley Recycled is compatible with several different types of lifting equipment that can be used to raise the Wheel Trolley Recycled up and ensure an ergonomic working height.

The Wheel Trolley Recycled is delivered for workshop-use in both 1 piece (one-by-one), 2 pieces (twin-pack) and 6 pieces boxes (six pack).



  • The top is made of 100% recycled excess material from the car industry and recycled parts from damaged cars
  • Reduces the emission of 4 - 11 kg CO2 per trolley - depending on the model
  • Same durable quality as tradiotionel Wheel Trolleys
  • For 8 tires or 4 wheels
  • Load capacity up to 120 kg/ 265 lbs
  • Compatible with various types of ergonomic lifting equipment
  • Height: 110 mm/ 4.3 inch
  • Ø 630 mm/ 24.8 inch

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During mechanical work

Wheel Trolleys® are brilliant to use in connection with the dismantling of the wheels prior to mechanical work on a car.

The wheels are placed on the Wheel Trolley® one by one. The trolley and wheels can be taken around the car until the last wheel is dismounted

When When all four wheels are dismounted, the Wheel Trolley® can be pushed to the side so that it is not in the way while work on the car is carried out.

This way, you avoid having loose wheels lying around or below the lift while working on a car. This increases the safety of the mechanic and reduces the risk of squeezing the wheels while raising and lowering the lift 

If the wheels are to be transported to a tire changer or used for balancing, the Wheel Trolley® can work as a transport unit. See the pictures below.


At the tire changer

On the Wheel Trolley®, the dismounted wheels can easily and effortlessly be rolled to a tire changer.

In order to move the wheels to a good ergonomic height, a Wheel Trolley® lift, which can elevate the trolley and wheels, can be used. See the progress in the images in the slideshow. 

Just as easily as rolling a wheel onto a bead braker for handling, for example, the trolley with wheels on can be raised up to the appropriate height.

In this way, the Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift becomes a helping hand, relieving shoulders and backs of heavy lifting.

From the bead braker, wheels can be transported onto tire changers, tire inflators and tire-balancing machines. Everything is at an ergonomic working height.