Avoid that wheels and rims slide off the Wheel Trolley during transport.

Wheel Trolley Anti-slip 600 are round rubber mats that can be placed between complete wheels or rimes
that are stacked.

When a rim is higher than the tire, you will often see that the stacked wheels very easy can slide off. When transporting wheels or rims on a Wheel Trolley this can cause that the load falls of the trolley.

When using Wheel Trolley Anti-slip 600 you secure the costly load from sliding off.

Wheel Trolley Anti-slip 600 is made of recycled rubber granules and has a width of 600 mm – and fits thereby perfectly to all Wheel Trolleys by AHCON.


  • Avoid that wheels and rims slide off the Wheel Trolley
  • Optimum protection of delicate rims
  • Made of recycled rubber granules
  • Used together with Wheel Trolley by Ahcon or other types of wheel trolleys
  • Dimensions: 3 mm (H) x 600 mm (Ø)
  • Comes in boxes of 20 pcs.