Wheel Trolley XL ® Extended is the elevated version of the Wheel Trolley XL.

The Wheel Trolley® XL Extended is suitable for the transport of 4x4 wheels, van wheels and other large wheels.

The XL Extended version is an indispensable tool in the workshop, removing the need of a lot of unnecessary lifting.

The Wheel Trolley® XL Extended has the following uses and advantages:

  • Used for mounting and dismounting of wheels
  • Ingenious storage of wheels during mechanical work
  • Used for several different operations in the workshop
  • Saves unnecessary lifting and improves working posture

The Wheel Trolley® XL Extended is best used with 2 wheels at a time to maintain the optimum working height. 

The Extended version is delivered unassembled in a box with detailed assembly instructions.


  • Measures 800 mm/ 31.4 inches in diameter
  • For 2 complete wheels
  • Max load is 250 kg/ 552 lbs
  • Available with and without wheel brake

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