Wheel Trolley Tower Lift is a battery operated and space-saving lifter, which handles tires and wheels on Wheel Trolleys ®

The Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift is, as the name suggests, a lifter that handles Wheel Trolleys® while extending high into the air — in fact, it lifts as high as 5.3 meters.

The Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift is our own invention, as we wanted to make it possible to handle tires on tire shelves with many levels.

With the Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift, we have now made it possible to lift wheels in and out of traditional tire shelves with as many as seven levels. This way, the tire storage facility's height capacity may be utilized optimally.

The Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift is equipped with a customized tool on the front, which is compatible with Wheel Trolleys®. The actual handling onto and off the tire shelves is performed with the use of Wheel Trolleys®.

The Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift has a very narrow construction, which ensures that the tire shelves can be positioned with a passage width of just 1.4 meters. This also helps to ensure that the area of the tire storage facility is utilized optimally.

See a demonstration of the Whel Trolley Tower lift right here:


  • Minimal handling of tires and wheels during loading onto and removing from shelves
  • For ergonomic handling of tires and wheels


  • Lifting height: 5.300 mm / 5.3 meters
  • Lifting capacity: 100 kg / 220 lbs
  • Batteries: 2 pcs. 12V
    The capacity of the batteries gives the possibility to handle tires in and out of shelves 130 times which means to drive 20 meter and lift up and down to maximum and minimum height 130 times
  • Battery Charger: 230/12V, built-in
  • Color: Dark grey RAL 7016 / Orange
  • Driving speed with the basket at low position: 0.8 meters/second
  • Driving speed with the basket at high position: 0.2 meters/second
  • Raising time of the basket: 0.2 meters/second

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Lifting to and from high tire shelves

The The Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift, with its narrow structure, ensures that the tire shelves can be placed with a passage width of just 1.4 meters. 

With the Wheel Trolley® Tower Lift, you can drive up and fetch wheels on a Wheel Trolley® with the customized tool on the front of the lift. And of course, the lift may also be used to place wheels onto the shelves. 

The wheels are pulled out onto the Wheel Trolley® without straining the shoulders, arms or back.

Finally, the set of wheels on the Wheel Trolley can be lowered and placed on the floor.

Click through the images in the slideshow to see pictures of the process.